luggage​/​baggage (a collection of basement demos)

by Harrison Bonvissuto

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A collection of old recordings, early demos, and alternative arrangements from over the years. I'm releasing this to build up anticipation for my upcoming EP release (see: and to give you guys a chance to hear some of my older recordings.


released June 18, 2015

all lyrics written by Harrison Bonvissuto



all rights reserved


Harrison Bonvissuto Baltimore, Maryland

Coffee addict, music nerd, writer, daydreamer, poet, songwriter, artist, lover, amused by the dark and twisted...constantly looking for humor and spark in the little things.

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Track Name: I Would Like To Know You (demo)
I met love in a coffee shop
got there early just to watch her walk
I almost left before she saw me
almost left her waiting one more time
I met love in a coffee shop
her lips were full of coffee shop talk
but her eyes said “I would like to know you”
I almost tried to warn her “you’d be the first”
leave your fingerprints
on the walls of my heart
I feel your glance
like its right where it belongs
I want to see your smile
last for centuries
and I’ll catch your tears
when they spill over
sometimes I'll read your mind
and other times you’ll be a mystery
and I’ll say
I would like to know you
I met love and she let me in
and for a while I was hesitant
it almost scared me off, the way
she didn’t seem to mind me being fragile
I met love and my best friend
now i get here early just to watch her walk in
I can't believe I almost left her here
cause now I'd sit and wait
Track Name: The Noise Inside (demo)
when you can’t begin to understand
why the river rushing through your veins
is sometimes fire, sometimes freezing rain
you’d rather feel nothing

you’ve tried and failed to form the words
to explain how so much hurt
could come from nowhere like a speeding train
and so you keep it under wraps

and its all in the way
you close your eyes at night
kiss the world goodbye
but you're wide awake
with your glassy eyes
cause the noise inside don't sleep at night no the noise inside never sleeps

its like standing in the middle of the sea
with the waves knocking out your knees
and the tide comes at you from six different directions
it'll shake you up each time

so you finally found a way
to disrupt the noise inside your brain
draw a river out from your veins
and they’re gone, gone
Track Name: On My Own (feat. Andrew Franklin + Isabella Bonvissuto)
I never meant to tie myself, to so many things before I'd flown.
Call me restless but this is not, where I wanna be for the rest of my life.
It's not the people I can't stand, but standing here while they're all moving.

And I, need to move on, need to move on.
No hard feelings, I'll always love you.
I need to find out some things, on my own.
On my own, on my own.

I've decided it's not selfish, to wanna chase my dreams for a while.
Hey I need to make a few mistakes, to see what I'm really made of.
I'm so divided I can't define, which part of me is yours and which is mine.

My nightmare is, regretting this...
that I skipped a chapter in which.
I start to align, with the stars in the skies...
of my mistakes and my tries,
coming to life.
You showed me the truth, and for that I'll always love you...
but I, need to make it my own, to find out that I'm still whole
and though where I am is a part of me, it's only one in a tapestry of all the places I'll ever be, tied together with the love I know exists for me.

Exists for me.
Track Name: Bulletproof (acoustic demo)
It gets cold here in December
but I'm driving with the windows down
just to know, my hearts still beating out.
Oh I wish everything was perfect,
and you can call me selfish,
but all my inhibitions just got shattered
off the shelf when I went down.
I hear hope is a funny thing,
springs like a lion
sinks it's teeth in,
and even though it's got a hold on me
I'm still full of doubts.
and I wish I was...


Sometimes I wish that I could just
shut out all the voices.
Telling me I'm good for nothing,
I know that I'm not insignificant.
Well you'll have to forgive me
I'm only being honest.
If you're offended, well I am just a novice
at being real.
So I'm singing out just what I feel.
that I wish I was...


I mentioned this a while back,
maybe you'll remember.
A lion caught me in it's jaws
only last December, and this hope
still hasn't let me go.
No, no, no, no.
Hope will never let me go.

Let me go.
Track Name: indie rock, alternative rock, indie, indie pop, singer-songwriter - Bitter(sweet)
remember the late nights
the stars in our bright eyes
when everything was still alright
and nothing was wearing thin

remember the long days
lost in the summer haze
when time was our plaything
and all we needed were our daydreams

i’ve been bouncing off the walls
trying to get out
of my little shoe box world
cluttered with my doubts
about whether i’ll ever see the sky
turn a shade of blue
so beautiful, i’ll never want to close my eyes again

so i’ll taste the bitter and the sweet
like a sticky candy, i cling to things i need to lose
that aren’t not enough to get me through
but lately i taste bitter more than sweet
because right in front of me
are all the bags i need to pack and leave behind

for me it’s not so easy
to leave the people that made me
but everyone expects me
to grow up and just feel fine

take note, you won’t change me
whole is still what i’m trying to be
sometimes it’s so hard
to leave my familiar suitcase behind

by the side of the road
fully packed with all that i know
has kept me safe and warm for years
but now it’s time to face my fears
of going out alone, and knowing no one knows
a single thing about me, if they even care at all
but its ok, the bitter won’t be this strong every day
Track Name: Overthinking (Live Demo)
If you had a microscope, would you really use it?
would you want to see, whats underneath
If you had a telephone, would you ever call?
Would you want to hear, how I’m crumbling

I’d like to suggest
That you and I are losing sleep
Over all the wrong things, over all the wrong things
I think it might be best
To find some clarity
We’re always over thinking, always over thinking

And I want you to know
If you pulled back my skin, to show
I want you to know
You are all I need, to keep on breathing

If you gave me a map, I doubt I’d use it
I’d like to find my own way, to a better place
If I had a book, to tell me what to say
I think that I’d still slip up, and say all the wrong things

I’d like to suggest
That you and I are losing sleep
Over all the wrong things, over all the wrong things
I think I’ll give it a rest
Try and see more clearly
I’m always over thinking, I’m always over thinking

And I want you to know
If you pulled back my skin to show
you’d see that I want you to know
You are all I need, to keep breathing