This Is Getting Old; And I'm Not Getting Any Younger

by Harrison Bonvissuto

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This record is the result of a collaborative effort. These songs wouldn’t be what they are without the hands and voices that shaped them or without the people who constantly support and encourage me as a human and as an artist.


released February 26, 2016

Written by Harrison Bonvissuto
Recorded by Jon Mauler and Harrison Bonvissuto
Mixed by Jon Mauler and Harrison Bonvissuto
Mastered by Mark Nieto
Produced by Jon Mauler and Harrison Bonvissuto

Recorded at Silo Studios in Parkton, MD,
Studio at CCBC in Essex, MD,
and Harbour Red Studios in Baltimore, MD
Mastered at Kandid Productions in Los Angeles, CA

Drums - Andrew Franklin and Nathaniel Garrison
Cajon - Andrew Franklin
Violin - Josh Chang
Piano - Jon Mauler
Glockenspiel - Andrew Franklin
Bowed Cymbal - Andrew Franklin
Bowed Glockenspiel - Andrew Franklin
Backup Vocals - Isabella Bonvissuto
Electric, Acoustic, and Classical Guitars/Bass/Auxiliary Percussion/Keyboards/Backup Vocals/Lead Vocals - Harrison Bonvissuto

Special Thanks to my faithful Kickstarter Backers:
Andrew Franklin
Alex McArtor
Beckett Gohlinghorst
Black Mize
Cari Gohlinghorst
Eugene Jubilee
Greg Koren
Isabella Bonvissuto
Janice Chan
Parallel Heights
Peter Stumpf
Sheri Cottingham



all rights reserved


Harrison Bonvissuto Baltimore, Maryland

Coffee addict, music nerd, writer, daydreamer, poet, songwriter, artist, lover, amused by the dark and twisted...constantly looking for humor and spark in the little things.

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Track Name: The Noise Inside
when you can't begin to understand
why the river rushing through your veins
is sometimes fire sometimes freezing rain

you've tried and failed to form the words
to explain how so much hurt
could come from nowhere like a speeding train

it's all in the way you close your eyes at night
kiss the world goodbye, goodbye
but you're wide awake, with your glassy eyes
cause the noise inside won't sleep at night
no the noise inside never sleeps

it's like you're standing in the middle of the sea
with the waves knocking out your knees
when the tide comes, it'll shake you up (shake you up)

so you finally found a way to disrupt the noise inside your brain
draw a river out from your veins
Track Name: I Would Like To Know You
I met love in a coffee shop
I got there early just to watch her walk
I almost left before she saw me
almost left her waiting there alone

I met love and she stepped into
my hotel heart of vacant rooms
but her eyes said I would like to know you
I almost said most people just pass through

leave your fingerprints on the walls of my heart
I feel your glance, like it's right where it belongs
I want to see your smile last for centuries

and I'll catch your tears when they spill over
sometimes I'll read your mind
and other times you'll be a mystery
and I'll say I would like to know you

I met love and she let me in
for a while I was hesitant
it almost scared me off the way
she didn't seem to mind me being fragile

I met love in my best friend
now I get here early just to watch her walk in
I can't believe I almost left her here
cause now I'd sit and wait forever.
Track Name: Color Me
you've been feeling like a ghost
like someone stole away your soul
and all the simple things you'd meant to hold on to

I'd hate to think that I'm the thief
or at least I'd like to believe
that I've added not subtracted from your peace of mind
and I've been thinking that

maybe when you see me, you look at me that certain way
it colors all the world in gray
and I'm wondering
if maybe when you go outside you'll see it in a different light
the colors seem to make you smile

and you realize that your insides only made you cry
when they were painted with the color me (the color me)

you've been lying in repose
like someone stole away your hope
and all the simple dreams you'd meant to hold on to

and I'd hate to think that I'm that thief
or at least I'd like to believe
that I've added not subtracted from your peace of mind
Track Name: Underwater Sunlight (Acoustic)
my veins are all blue
a thousand little streams
a map under my skin
making my heart the sea

when I was a child
I filled a few with sand
redirecting rivers
to avoid some awkward bends

the tide is sure to break somewhere
and I'm wide awake with salty eyes and messy hair
on the surface there's a lot more to be scared of
so I let myself sink below

where the underwater sunlight
is so much easier on the eyes
the underwater sunshine
shows it all in a softer light

and I've tried to paddle upstream
but I've never really known if there's a nicer place to go
or if this is just how humans pass the time

we've all got oceans in our chest
some violent some at rest
but mine was never either somewhere in between
constantly uneasy
Track Name: Goodnight, Darling
I've been trying to go to sleep like everybody else
but I can't slip away so easily because we haven't said goodnight

I've been trying to be myself the only way I know
but nights like this distance makes it hard to feel exposed

so wherever you are, I hope that you're not sleeping
I hope that you're awake
so maybe you'll call, tell me I'm not the only one who's thinking
we haven't said goodnight darling, so how am I supposed to sleep

I may have been distracted by the noise inside my head
but now it's dark and I can hear more clearly all the things
I wish I'd said

still I wish I was close enough
to avoid the phone entirely
to feel the rhythm of your breathing
whisper goodnight and fall asleep